Using Adobe Sign in the Dynamics environment, users have the ability to create agreement templates that can pre-configure agreement fields, attach files, and associated that agreement to relevant data mapping. Before we get started with prepare ring agreement Templates we need to first set up the Data Mapping.

Defining the Data Mapping

Data Mapping enables user to produce accurate Agreements with inserting the correct information to the respective data fields directly from CRM automatically. Also, Data Mapping has the capability to sync data back to CRM from a completed document. This will aid in maintaining up to date and relevant data in the CRM database.

What the data mapping simply does is, assuming there is a field defined in the agreement form called “full_name” and we want to this field to be auto populated with the “fullname” text box value in CRM, we can specify a mapping in Data Map record and it will be used every time an agreement is created.

For this exercise I am using “Adobe Acrobat” to build the form. The process is described in here (Link).

In my example I have created 3 fields as follows

  • Full Name
  • Job Title
  • Signature

Out of the 3 fields I am mapping Full Name and Job Title to CRM Contact data fields to do this, navigate to (Adobe Sign > Data Mapping)

  1. Click New
  1.  On the Data Mapping form select the entity you want to associate the Agreement Template. Once the entity value is set, it cannot be changed.

  1. Start Mapping the fields.There are two ways to we can map the fields
  • Dynamics CRM Data -> Adobe Sign Template: Pre fills fields on your form using field values associated with the defined Dynamics Entity.
  • Adobe Sign Agreement -> Dynamics CRM Data: Populates the empty fields of the Dynamics Entity using form field values obtained through the signing process (once the agreement is completed).
  1.  Adobe Sign data mapping currently supports the following Data Types in CRM
  • Text
  • Two Option sets
  • Option Sets
  1. To Map a data field, select the desired data field in CRM from the drop down and then type the Adobe Sign form field name in to the “Agreement Field” input box. Click on the Add button to add the mapping to the list

Adding Attachments

Once an agreement is fully signed and submitted, Adobe Sign will produce a PDF copy of the document and an audit trail of the signing process. It is possible to have these documents attached as PDF files to any CRM Entity that is related to the data mapping’s parent Entity.

In the Attachments section of the data mapping form, there will be the following Document Types options:

  • Signed PDF – The signed document. This is a copy of the authoritative original that is maintained on the Adobe Sign servers.
  • Audit Trail – A full audit trail of the signing process

You can attach one or both files to any related Entity,

  1. Select the Entity you wish to push the document to using the Attach to CRM Record drop-down list.

Defining an Agreement Template

  1. To do this navigate to (Adobe Sign > Agreement Templates)
  1. In the template form there are 5 sessions that we need to consider.

Header section

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Recipients section

The Recipients section specifies the recipients relationships that needs to be pre-configure to the template, as well as the overall signature workflow (sequential or parallel).

The Agreement Details section:

The Agreement Details section governs the properties of the individual transaction. How it’s signed, if it expires, and what happens after a signature is applied

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The Security sections

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The Files section

This section allows users to pre-attach a file for the agreement. For example, if you create a template for an NDA, then you can attach the company NDA file directly in the template, so the sender doesn’t have to.

Now you have successfully configured an Agreement Template. In my next post let’s look at how we can use the template.

In my next post I will be explain how use Adobe Sign with D365 .

I Hope this article will help you in your day to day consulting work . If there are any questions please feel free to email or comment.