I have been trialing out Café X Live assist for several weeks  and I have to say it is an excellent solution for Live Engagement related Activities  . Its comes heaps of features and it works seamlessly with Dynamics 365. Below are some great articles as well as Café X’s Training Videos around installing and configuring Live Assist.

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  2. Installing Live Assist on D365 Web Client (By Jesper Osgaard) : Click Here
  3. Installing Live Assist on Unified Service Desk (By Neil Parkhurst) : Click Here
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With this article what I am going to explain is a Configuration step that I had to perform to get the Authenticated user details from the portal across to CRM .

Scenario :

We have Installed Café X in CRM and we have added code snippet to the Portal to enable the Live Chat dialog box . I have logged in to the Portal as my Test User (John Smith) and once I a start the chat Secession I want the Portal User’s Name to appear on the  on the Dynamics 365 Chat Window opposed to just ‘Visitor’’ . The below steps will show how to configure Café X to get the Portal user’s Name across to CRM.  


It is assumed you have performed the below items . If not refer to this article for steps

  • Café X Live Assist Installed in CRM
  • Code snippet to be added to Portal to enable Live Chat dialog box.

What Do we Need

  1. Authenticated Session – Public Key from Portal
  2. Configure Authentication Server details in Live assist .

Step 1 : How to get the – Authenticated Session – Public Key from Portal

  1. Navigate to the following URL : https://{portalhostname}/_services/auth/publickey
  2. Copy the text between “—–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—–” & “—–END PUBLIC KEY—-”  and paste it into a text editor and remove any line breaks, to make one continuous piece of code. Copy again.

Step 2 : Configure Authentication Server details in Live assist .

  1. Navigate to Live Engagement Setting Page
  2. Choose the Campaigns Tab at the top of the screen
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Campaigns list and choose “Data Sources”
  4. Choose “Configure” under Connectors > Authentication Server 
  5. Authenticated session – Data source
    1. Select “implicit” option from oauth authentication drop down
    2. Set your authentication end point: <portal url>/_services/auth/authorize
    3. Paste the JWT Public key you got from the portal
    4. Enter auth.getAuthenticationToken in the JS Method name. ( this is case sensitive)
    5. Click Save
  6. Create an Authenticated Engagement
    1. Open the engagement you wish to make authenticated by double-clicking it
  7. Click on the Settings (Gear) icon
  8. Toggle the switch to only allow Authenticated visitors
  9. Push Next, complete your configuration
  10. Be sure to push Publish when you are finished to publish and save your changes.Once We have completed the Configuration Return to the Portal and initiate a chat session and you will notice the Logged in Portal user’s Name will come across to the Live Assist Chat window in CRM

Hope this solution will come handy in your day to day consulting work . Please feel free to ask any questions.

Sahan Wijayasekera