Did you know that as a part of the 2020 Wave 2 Update , Bookable Resource Bookings can now be displayed as a Calendar view ? The answer is Yes !!!!! When you get the 2020 Wave 2 Update you get the ability to view your Bookable Resource Bookings in a Calendar view by Month ,Week or Day . So, lets have a quick look at it.

How to :

Navigate to the Bookings Menu in Field Services , Click on the “Show As” button and select the “Booking Calendar Control” . It is as simple as that 😊

Step 1 : Click on Bookings Menu
Step 2 : Select the “Booking Calendar Control”
Step 3 : Voilà !!!!, there you go !!!! You can now see your bookings in a Calendar view.
Now wait a second !!!!! One can ask, “Hey! this looks really great. Can I add some colors to this calendar based on field on the Booking Form ?” hmmmmmmmmmm. Can we do it ? Thinking Face on Apple iOS 14.2

Well the answer is not right now and  I am sure this will be something that will be added in a future release Thinking Face on emojidex 1.0.34 . However I do have a simple workaround to the above requirement. You can actually paste an emoji on the Name field on the bookings record and the emoji will be displayed on the Calendar view Light Bulb on SoftBank 2014 . Now that’s cooool. If you want to  distinguish your bookings more clearly you can simply add an emoji to the name field and it will  appear in the Calendar view. You can use multiple ways to add the emoji to the field

1) You can Manually copy pate the Emoji
2) You can create a Power Automate Flow and a script to update the Name field with the respective emoji.

Before you go . There is one more thing !!!!!

The Calendar control view is not loaded by default which means every time you go to the bookings menu you see the Grid View first and you will have to change the view to the Calendar. If you want to make it permanent , go to Settings -> Solutions , find the Bookable Resource Booking Entity , Go to Controls Tab and update the “Booking Calendar Control” to “Web”


As always I hope this article will become useful to you during this time when you are working from home. Stay safe, have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

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