I have been a big fan of the D365 Field Services Inspections from day 1 , it is a great way to easily answer a list of questions as  a digital form when technicians need to when they do customer work. Recently I have been going through Services Inspections again and I found a list of cool features that I would like to share . So, here we go !!!!!


1 ) Did you know that  , you can export Services Inspections as PDFs ?

Exporting as a PDF is very  helpful when you want to send the inspection questions via email ahead of time.

How to :
  • Open a Inspection from , select Export to PDF in the top ribbon. An  interactive PDF will be downloaded , where you can enter answers and save them to the PDF .
Things to keep in mind !
  1. Please be aware when saving the responses to the PDF ,  the answers are saved on the PDF document and not in Dataverse
  2. Some question types such as  entity lookup question type will not reference the Dynamics 365 database records.
  3. The export to PDF function only exports blank inspections without responses.

2 ) Did you know that , you can add a Question Type that gives you a Dynamic Grid ?

This is great when Technicians are performing inspections on Part Lists where they have to Dynamically input each part into a grid. By default you get 3 columns but, you have the ability to add more columns if you wish.

How to :

In the Inspection designer add the new question called Matrix(Dynamic).  Go to the Advance area of the question to add more columns.

3) Did you know that , there is a now a question type called File that lets you enable  technicians to upload a file, take picture, or choose picture from their camera roll ?

How to :

In the Inspection designer add the new question File.

4) Did you know that , you can now add Pages to Inspections forms and you can add business rules on those pages ?

How to :

Use the page dropdown in the  Inspection designer to add one or more pages. Add a page title and a page description. Finally, if you need to add conditional logic to hide and show pages based on the Answers to certain question goto the Logic Tab to add the rules.

So these are some of my favorite Tips on D365 Field Services Inspections. As always I hope this article will become useful to you during this time when you are working from home. Stay safe, have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

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