Dynamics365 v9.0 trials are now available (including Australia). Users can sing up for a trial instance via this URL.

While I am evaluating the new version of D365 , one of the cool changes that I came across was the ability to change the sub-grid color.  Let’s have a look at this new feature and what are its possibilities.

How to Do it

Navigate to the desired Sub-Grid via the form customization and you will notice a new field on the sub-grid properties to set the “Panel Header Color”.

You can specify the Hex color value on the text box which will be applied to the Sub Grid header.

To Consider

Few points to consider when setting the sub-grid color

  • Ensure you select a color that matches the sub-grid header Text color as the Text color cannot be changed.
  • So far I haven’t found a way to set the “Panel Header Color” via Javascript . Hopefully Microsoft will add this at a later stage.


Although it needs some improvement , the sub-grid color changing feature is a nice little addition to the list of customization capabilities in D365 . This will provide customers the capability brand their forms with corporate colors or differentiate sub grids with various colors.

Hope this article will help you in your day to day consulting work . If there are any questions please feel free to email or comment.