So you have installed CaféX Live Assist with Dynamics CRM and now you want  to integrate Dynamics CRM Out of the Box Knowledge base articles with CaféX so that the Call center reps can send KB article over live chat to the customers .

Let’s have a look at how we can get the above scenario configured in CRM and CaféX .

Before we get started Assumptions first . This article assumes Dynamics 365 Portals are deployed in the CRM solution and KB Articles are exposed to the external world via the portal. 
  • Step 1: Login into Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Navigate to Settings -> Service Management -> Open Embedded Knowledge Search
  • Step 2: Change the setting to use external portal
  • Step 3 : Specify the “URL format” field with the Portal URL . The Portal URL must be modified with {kbnum} instead of the KBID (Please follow the below steps on how to get the Portal URL and update it)

Step 3.1: Navigate to a KB Article on the D365 Portal and Copy the URL
Step 3.2:Replace the highlighted text with the {kbnum} instead of the KBID

                             Before Update 
                             After Update 

Step 3.3:Insert the updated URL to the “URL format” text box and Click Next
  • Step 5: Click “Finish” to complete the integration process.

You can now search for KB Article Right with CaféX and send it to your customers. Hope this article will help you in your day to day consulting work . If there are any questions please feel free to email or comment. Please refer to my other articles on CafeX at

Sahan Wijayasekera