As part of the D365 and LinkedIn integration , the Microsoft team has introduced a solution for D365 (CRM) that can enable access to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator within software itself.

In this article we will look at the installation steps required to get the ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator’ installed in D365

What do we need ?

  1.  D365 CRM Online Environment
  2.  MSDynamics 2016 and 365 Widget Solution File.
  3.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team edition or above (to get a trial or a demo please go to the following URL)

How to Install.

Step 1: Navigate to the following  URL and download the solution.

Step 2: Import solution to D365

Navigate to Settings -> Solutions and Import the “” file

Step 3: Assign Security Role

Navigate to Settings -> Security                                                                                   Assign the Security Role to the desired user

You have now successfully installed the  LinkedIn Sales Navigator in D365. On a Later post I will discuss the benefits and the features of the “LinkedIn Sales Navigator”.