With current global pandemic, I have been working from home for the last few weeks and I have been using Microsoft Teams heavily than usual. I have to admit, the more I use Microsoft Teams the more I fall in love with this beautiful tool. Its feature-rich capabilities backed by its reliability makes this one of the best Microsoft Tools I have ever worked with.


I have been using Microsoft Teams to run Internal Teams Meetings, external Staholder Meetings, Public events with 100+ participants and it hasn’t had a single glitch. So I am going do a few posts around some of the cool tips I learnt within the last few days that may come handy to you as well. So, here we go!




If you are like me, you will understand my dilemma and this will be a good solution for you. In my case, I have 3 Teams Accounts and within those accounts, I have multiple tenants as below.


  1. The Teams instance I use for work which connects into multiple other tenants (as a Guest) such as my customer tenants, Microsoft Fast Track etc….
  2. My personal Teams instance which I use for my personal work.
  3. The Teams instance I use for my MVP Community.


In order to keep myself posted with what’s going on in all of my channels, I need to have multiple Teams Sessions running at the same time. So, let’s look at the solution I used.




For this example, I am using Microsoft Edge. You can use any other chromium based browser that supports this feature. I am going to show the solution for 2 scenarios as below


Scenario 1


I have 2 different accounts, one for work and another for my MVP community. Both these accounts have different user names


e.g. sahan.wijayasekera@velrada.com and sahan@mvpd365blogger.com.


So let’s see how we can get these two accounts to run simultaneously on Teams.


Step1: I am going to use the Teams Windows application to run my Work Account and for my MVP account I going to use Microsoft Edge to login to the Teams Web App.


To make things easy I have created a Profile in Microsoft Edge for my MVP Account. If you don’t know how to create a profile in Microsoft Edge, go to the following link or instructions: Link



Step 2: Once you login to the Teams Web App, click on the ellipse button on the upper right-hand corner in Microsoft Edge, GotoApps and then select “Install This Site as an App“. Once you select it, there will be a second window which will ask a Name for the App and the conformation to install the app.




Step 3: After Installing the App, there will be a shortcut for the App created in your Desktop



Using this shortcut, you can now open the Web version in an App mode and have both your windows Teams instance and the Web Version running simultaneously.


Scenario 2:


In this scenario what I am looking at is, if you have multiple tenants inside a single Account, for example, it may be your work account that may have been connected with your Customer’s Teams Tenant or a Microsoft Team tenant as a guest. On the Windows App, you will see your tenants as below.



In this scenario what I would do is, I will create separate Microsoft Edge profiles for the same Account and log in to the respective Tenants using those profiles and create a Microsoft Edge App as explained in Scenario 1





Something to keep in mind is that every time you execute a Web App created with Microsoft Edge, you are actually running another browser session which means if you have 3 Web Apps created and running, there will be three web browser sessions. So if you are one those people who have multiple browsers, tabs opened with other web sites, you may want to go easy on how many Teams web apps you execute as this may consume your PC’s virtual memory . Other than that if you use this solution wisely and sensibly this will be a good solution for you .


As always I hope this article will become useful to you during this time when you are working from home . Stay safe , have fun and let me know if you have any questions.


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