When ever I visit organisations who record their Orders or Cases in D365 CE , I often here about this situation where their Customer Services department gets overloaded with email queries from their Customers regarding the Order or Case details such as status updates . If it is a seasonally time like Christmas and online orders are stored in D365 , I have seen organisations receive upto 3000 email a day regarding Order Status queries . Now this is a massive overhead on the Customer Service department  and how can we solve this using D365 and the Microsoft Stack ? Lets look at a possible solution in this article and you guessed it right , its a NO CODE solution


So the solution I am looking at today is built using D365CE , Microsoft Flow and LUIS . There are lot of articles around how to integrate LUIS with Live Chat , but in this article I am going to look at how we can get LUIS to work with Emails and D365. Below is the Solution video . Hope you enjoy it .