Did you know the Schedule Board in D365 is now a PCF components?  A

The answer to that is Yes!!!!!. Microsoft have introduced the  new Schedule Board PCF component that  can be added to any entity which will enable you to perform  scheduling from right within the entity itself 😃. In this post let’s look at how can we can do this ! In this example, I am using the Appointment Entity.


Step 1 : Enable Appointment Entity for Scheduling.  To do this on the Resource Scheduling app navigate to Setting Menu -> Administration and then click on Enable Resource Scheduling for Entities.

In my example the Appointment  Entity is already enabled as an entity for scheduling. But if the entity  you have chosen is not , go ahead and add the entity and Publish Customisations.



Step 2: Add the new Schedule Board PCF component to the desired entity. To do this Navigate to Advanced Settings -> Customisations -> Customise the system and open the desired Entity. In my example it is the appointment entity. Go to the Controls tab and add the new Schedule Board PCF componentOn the you have added the component Save and Publish the changes


Outcome : Once you have completed the above steps , navigate back to the desired entity in my example it is the Appointment Entity and you will see the schedule board is now enabled.


To learn more about new Schedule Board go this URL.

As always I hope this article will become useful to you during this time when you are working from home. Stay safe, have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

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