Now that you have installed and Configured Adobe Sign , lets look at how to use it. In D365 CE I am going to navigate to a Contact Record and I am going choose the “Send for Signature” Menu item. On the menu I will get the option to select an “existing” agreement or a “New Agreement”

For this example I am going to select an existing agreement “NDA Agreement” and because I have enabled the “One-click-send” option I don’t get any further prompts . The system automatically starts the process to send the Agreement out to the recipients.

Once the process is complete an email will be received by the recipients

As you can see in the above screenshot the system has automatically picked up the Dynamic content (Name) from contact record and have sent a personalized email requesting for the document to be signed.

Once I click on the URL to view the agreement , it will display the agreement file we crated with the sign fields

Once the document is signed and completed a conformation screen will be displayed with the option to download a copy of the agreement if necessary.

Also on the system under the contact record there will a copy of the signed document as well as the audit trail attached.


Adobe sign has been a great solution for managing digital signatures with in D365. I am yet to do a comparison of this product vs other competitive add-ons in the D365 market. There is also a lot more configuration options that can be explored further. I have added the URL to those resources blow.

  1. Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Brief
  2. Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics: Installation & Configuration Guide
  3. Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics User Guide

I Hope this article will help you in your day to day consulting work . If there are any questions please feel free to email or comment.