One of the great little features given since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 was the ability to add and remove sub components from the solution. With this feature you can explicitly select only the components you want to have in your solution.

Today I was working on a solution and all a sudden the “Remove Component Button” is missing!

Now the question is,  what happened to it? What did I do to break it? or did Microsoft remove it?

Turns out it was my fault ☹. Firstly, when I add components to the solution, if I select “Add All Assets” instead of individually cherry picking the components the “Remove Component Button” won’t appear. It will only appear if I explicitly select and add the components one by one.

While researching about this issue I also came across another limitation with the  “Remove Component Button” explained in this blog article by Magnetism. When you remove fields from solution in bulk they need to be of the same type . Now be mindful what referred here by Type is NOT the data type , it refers to Type as Custom or system fields. So, if you want to remove both custom and system fields in bulk from your solution you must ensure that you to do them as two separate tasks or else you will get an error message as “You can only perform this action for records of the same type.”

Hope this quick tip will come handy in your day to day consulting work . Please feel free to ask any questions.


Sahan Wijayasekera